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The three-year-old curriculum is divided into three daily activity segments. The curriculum offers lesson plans from September through May with a breaks at Christmas and Easter.

The only subject that is covered every day is the Bible Study. Each day you read the week's story and recite the month’s Bible verse. The Bible study starts on Monday with simply reading a story. Tuesday you read the story again and do a story related craft. Wednesday you read the story and there's a practical application (the application segment is a guide for you to use as a conversation with your child to help them better understand the story’s concept). Thursday you read the story using the craft you made on Tuesday. Friday you read the story and recite the Bible verse for a sticker on the Verse Chart (included as one of the patterns in the book).

Monday through Friday you also cover two of the following topics: reading skills, music, readiness skills (preparation for pre-k and/or kindergarten), social studies, cooking, science/health, and special activities. While involved in these topics your child will experience a variety of hands on crafts, physical skills, and communication.

The binder that Hands on Homeschooling comes in also has a Prep and Planning section which gives you guidelines for planning ahead and being prepared for the lessons. It has an overall supply list and a list of things to save and recycle. In the rear of the binder there is an Alternate Activities section which lists additional activities to choose from should you not want to do a specific activity as listed in the lesson plan. There are also several ideas listed for making gifts with your children that should come in handy for the holidays and special occasions. You will also find a list of helpful websites where you can find a lot of additional activities and recipes.

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