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Three Years Skills Checklist
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Growth & Development

(Please remember your child has an entire year to accomplish these!)

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Recognizes upper and lower case letters as well as knowing the sounds of all the letters, (short vowel sounds).
  • "Reads" picture books and makes up a story to go along with it.
  • Memorizes longer pieces of poetry.

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Can trace letters using a crayon, markers and a large preschool pencil.

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Can count out loud to 50.
  • Recognizes written numbers to 20.
  • Understands comparisons; big, bigger, biggest etc.
  • Understands spatial relationships; on top of, next to, underneath, behind etc.
  • Recognizes the different coins, using the words quarter, dime etc. not 25 cents, 10 cents etc.
  • Tells time on the whole hour.

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Knows where different animals lives, i.e. cows on a farm, deer in the woods etc.
  • Understands that animals need food, water and shelter to live and that plants need water, sunshine and soil to grow.
  • Understands that God provides everything that is needed. Understands that if we decide to have a pet or a garden, God trusts us to take care of them properly.

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Familiar with a variety of different occupations.
  • Familiar with the different parts of a community. (Bank, library, fire station, police station, barber shop, hospital etc.)
  • Familiar with different modes of transportation.

Bible instruction and spiritual growth training during the four preschool/kindergarten years consists of a basic overview of the major stories and characters of the Old and New Testaments as well as the study of Christian character traits and basic doctrinal truths. Teaching the school subject of "Bible And Spiritual Growth" is not a substitution for daily, family devotional time nor Christian service/mission work. 


Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Starting to ad lib after praying memorized prayers, i.e. "God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy" etc.
  • Knows many Bible stories and characters and should be able to answer simple questions regarding them; i.e. "Where did Adam and Eve live?" "Why did God send the fish to swallow Jonah?"
  • Memorizes one Bible verse a week and retains them for a longer period of time.
  • Sings several Bible songs and several Christmas songs.
  • Behaves properly in church. (If the child goes in the sanctuary for the worship service, the child should be expected to stand when others stand, close eyes and bow head when there is a prayer and be quiet during the sermon. The child should be allowed diversional materials like a coloring book or a picture book.)

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Cuts along a straight line with scissors.
  • Uses a glue stick.
  • Uses tape.
  • Draws a straight line using a ruler.
  • Understands the concepts of same and different.
  • Understands the concept of comparisons; big, bigger biggest etc.
  • Understands simple opposites; hot and cold, dry and wet etc.
  • Sorts objects by color, size etc.
  • Uses crayons, markers and a paintbrush correctly.
  • "Colors in the lines" reasonably well.
  • Beginning computer skills: Can use a computer program with assistance. (Mouse, not keyboard)
  • Knows full name.

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Increased use of different mediums.
  • Art and crafts made from ordinary objects; buttons, noodles etc. as well as crafts made from natural materials like leaves, acorns, sticks etc.
  • Collages.

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Singing more simple children's fun songs and praise and worship songs by heart.
  • Knows simple musical contrasts like loud/soft, fast/slow.
  • Understands that reading music tells us what/how to sing and what/how to play musical instruments.

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Simple tumbling, (rolls).
  • Plays simple outdoor games. (Follow-The-Leader, Leap Frog, Tag, Duck-Duck-Goose etc.)
  • Understands proper use of playground equipment. (Care of the equipment and safety rules)

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Says please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me and God bless you, (for someone's sneeze).
  • Says yes/no sir/ma'am.
  • The child does not interrupt you on the telephone or while you are talking to another adult.
  • Waits to start eating until after the meal blessing has been said.
  • Wipes mouth with napkin appropriately.
  • Picks up toys and puts them away. (This should be done every night routinely before the child gets ready for bed.)
  • Helps with the laundry. (Sorting, loading, unloading, carrying the folded clothes and putting them away.)
  • Takes his plate and cup and places them on the counter by the sink after meals.
  • Helps clean off the table and put things away.
  • Helps unload the dishwasher. (Or helps dry the dishes if you do not have a dishwasher.)
  • Sets the table. (Mom to set the proper items on the table for the child to place in their correct spots.)
  • Wipes off the table.
  • Makes his bed.
  • Puts his dirty clothes in the hamper or in the laundry room.
  • This is a short list. The child should be helping, to the best of his ability, in most areas of the household work.

Mastery of all K2 skills in addition to:

  • Brushes teeth with assistance. (You should allow the child to help but since it is so important that the teeth are brushed thoroughly, the parents still need to do the brushing.)
  • Brushes/combs hair with minimal assistance.

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